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Mama Meditates| Ways to use Crystals.

crys·tal /ˈkristl/ noun plural noun: crystals a piece of a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces. I’ve recently gotten into crystals. The days are gone for when they were just reserved for Yogis and Spiritual gurus. Everyday people are using the beautiful shimmering stones to harness power. Crystals are gorgeous to look

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Questions asked by Single Parents.

I’ve considered myself a single mom for 90% percent of my parenting existence, these questions have always been in rotation at speaking engagements & among my newer mommy friends. I thought I’d share them on here then I can share the link with my fellow mamas & papas. 1. How can I adjust to being

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Alone, not Lonely on Valentines Day.

For many Valentine’s Day has different moods. It really depends on who you ask. I’ve finally found a mood that works for me. And I wanted to share things that may can help February 14th be an amazing day filled with self love. Mood 1: “I have a Bae, I’m good” Mood 2: ” I

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