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Taja Henson

Until Her Last Dance

Until Her Last Dance

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Arilynn "Ari" White is a strong believer in love. As a Professional Dancer & Art History major she is always surrounded by natural beauty and the love that others showed for their craft. However, the way things are going for her love didn't believe in her as much as she had believed in it. Love has gotten her fired from an amazing job, turned her into a stripper and at one point in time a heavy drinker. She has lost all hope that it was something that she would ever experience.Ari is lucky, she has a couple of genuine people in her corner that actually love her. Unfortunately, she was so blind at times that she didn't see it. They care about her wellbeing and wanted to see her thrive. Could it be enough to make her believe in the power of love again? Possibly snap her back into reality?

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