About Taja




I started off 10 or so years as a Philadelphia Lifestyle Blogger  before starting my company Taja Henson Co during the pandemic. I grew up between Maryland & Virginia as an only child and latchkey kid (shout out to the 90's) I spent a lot of time reading, building my imagination by drawing and writing elaborate stories to share with others. I now call Philadelphia home with my two kids and grandcat named La'Pickle.

I am a fan of Thrillers and Sci-fi in the form of books and television, I hope to write one of my own one day. My favorite authors are Stephen King, Terry McMillian and Toni Morrison, however I love exploring new ones daily. My daughter Mikiyah encourages me to read more, she's very enthusiastic when she loves the story. I am excited to share all my stories that I've been keeping to myself with the book world.


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