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Beauty| Holy Grail Nail Polishes.

I am guilty of wearing the same nail polishes over & over again. These polishes will always be my holy grail shades. If your wondering what makes a product a holy grail let me help you. Will you buy it again, if you run out? When it starts to chip do you consider re-applying after

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Beauty| Favorite Fall Lipsticks.

Fall is slowly creeping up on us! Thank goodness because the 90 degree weather was not it. Plus, some of my favorite lipsticks to wear are fall appropriate, cute & bomb with the right outfit. Thought I’d share my favorites just in case anyone was in the hunt for some new colors. Most are Matte,

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Beauty|Favorite $5 or less makeup products.

I started getting into makeup around 5 years ago. The last thing I worry about when leaving out the house is makeup. Mainly because I walk out the house to run errands in leggings or high waisted jeans and a random company free t-shirt. I might throw a dab of concealer on my dark spots,

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