I’m a DMV native that has been living in Philadelphia for the last decade as a freelancer. I am a mom of two humans Mikiyah and Michael, and a cat mom to a black cat named Dash.  Most of my wanderlust centers around Plant based food, beauty and fashion, but you’ll find a lot of reflections in my “Diary” too , because it’s good for mental health. Enjoy a look into my life as a single mom. Also, follow me as I navigate my way through running businesses, achieving goals and becoming a girl boss. 


    I also have a podcast on Itunes, I talk freely about parenting, dating and life as it happens to me. Just Taja is another free space that I have created. It’s where my voice can be heard because sometimes I just can’t express myself in written form. There’s a slight bit of cursing, so I get super real! If you’re interested in hearing the truth then Just Taja is for you!


This project has been just a thought in my head for years. It feels good to finally make it a reality. The Mommy Collaboration with me a group space for single Mamas. Resources, one on one guidance, meet ups and so much more! So stay tuned for the website launch because it is coming soon.