My Birthday is July 19th. I’ll be 30. I have never experienced a lot in my life, I don’t know if its lack of enthusiasm, time or pure fear. But I know I want to live a little more in my 30’s. The plan is to get as many things on this list crossed off as possible.  This bucket list will be a guide of self enjoyment and I have 3 months to finish as much as possible. I’m excited! Even after I turn 30 MAYBE I’ll continue the list, just for fun. I decided to continue the list.

  1. take a Photography class
  2. lose 30 pounds
  3. learn to speak a language
  4. go on a yoga retreat
  5. plant some herbs
  6. take a mommy trip
  7. ride my bike more
  8. get a tattoo, piercing OR BOTH
  9. have a Birthday get together
  10. take a cooking class
  11. travel by myself
  12. take a painting class
  13. learn to budget
  14. see a therapist
  15. overcome a fear
  16. set a reading goal
  17. go to a music festival
  18. join a group or club
  19. be spontaneous
  20. secure a second income
  21. learn a new skill
  22. take more selfies/photos
  23. take a makeup class
  24. write a cookbook
  25. write a motivational eBook
  26. teach a class
  27. travel with my girlfriends
  28. attend a blogger event
  29. boost self-confidence
  30. build a couple of new friendships