Podcast| Things I’ve learned in 2018

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I was so happy when 2018 ended.

I needed a fresh start 2018 had kicked my ass and I was over it. I walked into 2019 with optimism that I was going to make it the best year ever. I didn’t plan resolutions but I kind of made a to do list of the things I needed to get done in order to live my best life. Before I did that I needed to learn from the mistakes that set me back in 2018 to make sure they didn’t carry over into 2019 and become a never ending circle of negativity.

On this episode of Just Taja, I spoke about the things I’ve learned in 2018. And how I grew from them.

1. Love without hesitation or without fear of not being loved back.

2. Outgrowing is not the same as giving up

3. Effort is cool.

4. Forgiveness gets easier the more you do it.

5. I don’t need to be perfect to be happy, as long as I’m authentic.

Head over to the podcast to listen!


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XO, Taja.


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