Event|The Swing @ Kimmel Center Launch Party.

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I’ve been a blogger for many years (my blogs have had many names) so I’ve been to many events in the City Of Philadelphia. I was invited to an amazing event last week! I went solo and was completely surprised at the outcome. I talk about how anti social I am all the time, so imagine when I go to events. I’m a definite wall flower, I can guarantee that I can hold up a wall better than no other. That was my plan, until I walked through the door. Everyone was so friendly! I wasn’t disappointed that my wallflower ways were’t going to work this time.

The Kimmel Center launched a Virtual Reality Swing! Yup. You heard that right, you sit on a swing and wear virtual reality glasses. I had no plans on getting my socially awkward self on that swing. I kept telling myself that I would just watch everyone enjoy the ride and take pictures. But the more I saw the crowds of people enjoying the ride I was tempted, 2018 me would have never!! EVER! But I did. And I enjoyed it. I was self conscious about my weight, they had that covered with a waiver and requirements sheet. I felt a little more comfortable after reading everything. The swings were monitored by attendants that made sure your were comfortable & explained everything that was going to happen. The guy I had was comforting because he could tell I was nervous. Which was amazing!

A huge plus is that Swing @ Kimmel installation is free! They suggest a $5 donation. Which is a definite steal for the adventure you get, every dollar impacts children from all over the region & plays a role in the Kimmel Center’s goal of transforming lives daily through the arts. As a single Mom of two I say thank you to the Kimmel Center for enriching the young minds & building courage for the kids that may not get to experience things like this other wise.

To check out the installation head over to the Kimmel Center website for the address, hours of operation and more!

     XO, Taja.


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