Tech|3 Day Social Media Detox Challenge.

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I am so guilty of having my phone with me everywhere I go. Like most of the world, lets be honest. Sometimes a Detox is needed, I’ve thought of a challenge its really small because I thought starting small would be best. Then if you wanted to do more you already had a base. 

Remember that its OK to unfollow & just check on different accounts that you are interested in. I know sometimes it can be overwhelming to see all those perfect lives on your feed. It can cause social media anxiety. 

Go through your email & social media accounts. Unfollow & subscribe from those that don’t inspire or lift you up! 
Tip #1 Find a alternate means of distraction.

Use your extra time to do good things for your real soul. Take a walk, read a new book, make a mood board etc! 

Tip #2 Have a accountability partner.

Taking a break is always a good idea! Come back refreshed & renewed. Maybe even go do something fun & take some pictures to post later. 
Tip #3 Turn off social media notifications. 
Tip #4 Take the time to get inspired.

Are you going to try a social media detox? Let me know how it goes! 

XO Taja.


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