Goodbye 2018

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Dear 2018,

I’ve reached milestones within your time frame. I will forever be great fun for turning 30, and getting out of my terrible 20’s. I had low expectations for you, I didn’t make any plans or goals. I wasn’t mentally stable to deal with anything in 2018. I spent it single, became self aware of my body, and started to figure out what I wanted out of my life. For that I say thank you.

I gained too much weight then I’d like to admit (hopefully that’s gone in 2019). A few times this year I gave up because motherhood became too much, almost got in a fight & cut off people that I was sad to see go but knew wasn’t helping me mentally better myself. I bought a bike after many of years of putting it off, shout out to my therapist for the extra push.

Started a podcast, that became popular because of my honesty. Who knew the girl that didn’t speak a lot as a child would host a podcast about her life lessons. I became more aware of the foods I put into my body and the chemicals I use in my hair. I did a big chop! January will be a year with non chemically processed hair.

I got closure with my ex which helped me heal and eliminate a lot of the self blame I had regarding our break up.

You were one of my toughest years 2018, I am looking forward to a fresh start in 2019. I’m walking into the year as a girl boss, meditating mama & a hell of a lot of positive thoughts.

So again farewell 2018.

XO, Taja.


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