Freelance| How to promote without Social Media.

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Social media is a great way to show off your freelance talents, promote blog post, recruit partnerships & potential clients. But it can be exhausting to constantly stay up to date on policies & algorithms. A lot of social media users are giving up. 

So what’s next? How do you promote your business in a world of social media millionaires? Here are a few ways that may help. 

1.Personal Website. 

I am a big believer in websites, sadly social media has dampened the shine because most promotions can be done on Facebook & Instagram. But I have faith, an amazing website will not instantly attract clients or visitors. you have to put in the work. 

      2. Forums & Portfolios

This option is great for freelancers who provide services like editing, photography, legal advice accounting & more!

     3. Guest Posts

Find some friends with your niche.. Whether it be lifestyle, math, science etc. Collaborate this way you can share readers & hopefully drive traffic to each others pages. Example, you may cover a subtopic that your collaborator may not & earn a couple of clients. 

      4. Business Cards

Yes, old school I know! But I believe they’re effective. Give them out to everyone you meet. My mom keeps a stack and evens hands them out to people she holds conversations with in public.Nothing wrong with free promotion. 

Just remember that you will always have to promote yourself. Closed mouths do not get feed and you have to be able to sell yourself at any moment. It’s your business, its small have to promote to grow. 

Thanks for reading.

XO, Taja.


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