5 Activities for non-trick or treaters.

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1. Have a Halloween movie marathon

Pop some popcorn, get your favorite snacks I recommend chocolate! This is a easy task because around Halloween there’s nothing but scary & cute movies on every channel. Plus in a era of Netflix & Hulu you can’t really go wrong.

Recommendations: Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Casper… Monster House. The opportunities are endless.

2. Create fun Halloween baskets

I did this one year when they had planned not to go trick or treating. It was simple and expensive. Grabbed a Halloween themed bag, added some candy, bubbles, simple fun activities, maybe a little money depending on age. Done!

3. Cook a spooky family dinner

Pinterest is perfect place to find on theme meals for a fun family night. But if that seems like a lot of work then go another route and just make a family favorite. Make it fun by maybe serving it on Halloween plates or by candlelight.

4. Do Halloween crafts

The internet, YouTube & Pinterest are a treasure trove when it comes to finding arts and craft ideas for holidays, special occasions. Anything honestly. Skill level and complication is all on you as a individual of course.

5. Find a Community activity

Check your local YMCA, community center and churches we find fun activities and parties every year on Halloween and they’re always free.

Whatever you do, I hope its fun.. & safe!

XO Taja


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