Some Halloween Flashbacks.

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Every year I experiment with my children’s faces. I’m not big on Halloween, but my kids are fans so I participate. I choose to do their makeup because costumes are kinda expensive and I see them as a waste of money because after that one night they’re on the floor. Here’s some of my creations.

A skeleton & a teddy bear. This was a last minute costume because up to the day of Halloween no one wanted to go trick or treating. I was fine with not taking them because I was sick and just wanted to stay in bed. But, then they came home and decided they wanted to go so I had to pull out the eyeliner, concealer & lipstick.

This year was fun. I went all out we have a zombie and dead Wonder Woman. Michaels costume consisted of old clothes that I just cut up and made dirty. Kiyahs costume was bought. She decided she wanted to be dead after seeing the makeup I did on mike which I thought was funny. For both I used toilet paper, fake blood and a Halloween face painting kit. (pictured above) We spent this Halloween at Elmwood Zoo. I cannot take any credit for the makeup. Lol. But you have Mikiyah as a cat and Michael as a turtle.

Do you ever get creative on Halloween?


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