A field trip to Eastern State Penitentiary.

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I chaperoned a trip for Michael this week. We went to our neighborhood prison. Yes. you heard that right. We live withing walking or bike riding distance of a prison known as Eastern State Penitentiary. The building was built in the 1800’s and officially closed in the early 70’s. The history of this prison is amazing but its mostly know for imprisoning Al Capone for 7 months. Why do I know that? Because it was what the kids were most interested in. Isn’t that crazy.  A gangster spent 7 months in a prison in Philadelphia and it is the highlighted part of the tour for a bunch of 5th graders.

It was Michael as well as my first time in the prison, so I was learning along with him. He was so engulfed in the history and the people that came and went in the cemented building. Unfortunately, we had some frustrating moments because although he wanted to take his time and soak it all in our tour was an hour and with a group of 25 kids you better believe we got side tracked which wasted a bunch of time.

I’ve always stayed away from the penitentiary because they always said it was haunted. Most of its profits come from its very popular Terror Behind the Walls. Which is a giant haunted house inside the deteriorating building.  No thanks. I took as many pictures that I could & even included some video. Enjoy!

We learned that the prison held Children, as well as Women & Men.

Al Capone’s cell. It was rumored that he was treated differently, like a celebrity while in custody even having furniture and personal visits, which wasn’t allowed at the prison.  The tour guide assured us that he didn’t have furniture, although there’s a newspaper article stating that he did and a picture. He did have lunch with the warden weekly though.

In some of the cells were art insulation’s. This one showed how small the cells were.

These pictures showed the numerous bugs and rodents that shared the cells with the inmates.

Have you ever been to the Eastern State Penitentiary? Would you go? 

Thank you for Reading!

XO Taja


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