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Sunday Reading 9/30/18

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 I discovered a new family on YouTube & although the whole family is AMAZING! Can we give this Super Mom a standing ovation? 6 kids & a PHD?

Sharing is caring so here are some Watercolor Stamps for Procreate!

A perspective of Single Motherhood from Maryam Hampton.

Homemade Andes mints.😊

I was talking to my kids about a frozen chocolate pie my Dad use to make. think I found a great recipe.

Instagram has been nothing but instababes and meme’s for the last year or so. I wonder if this was the vision they had for the app. Either way farewell smartest men ever!

I may be switching router’s because this one has parental controls!

Millennials are causing the U.S divorce rate to plummet!

I’ve been binge watching HULU Movies: Gemini with Zoe Kravitz ❤❤❤❤ . Fallen kinda puts you in the mind Twilight ❤❤❤ , Single Parents a TV show about a group of single parents ❤❤❤❤❤ , Still upset Castle Rock ended and I was totally confused❤❤❤❤💔

As a believer in art therapy, HERE is a free course on Creative Mindfulness.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks #simplereading.


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