Wear| Declutter your wardrobe with ease.

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The seasons are changing! And if you’re like me looking at a closet full of clothing you cant or won’t wear then this post is for you. I don’t have a closet, more like a make shift wardrobe thingy. So my space is limited. We’ve all heard the same tips if you don’t wear it in a year toss it, blah blah blah. But who actually follows that rule? Not me, I still have dresses for 2 years ago with the tags still on it.

So what works?

Treat you’re clothes like a capsule wardrobe

What is a capsule wardrobe? Here’s ONE TWO articles that can explain it better than I can. But, in simple words because I’m a simple person. It’s a wardrobe that consist of 30-40 pieces of effortless and timeless clothing items that you can mix and match to wear all the time.

Grab some moral support

Have you ever seen Sex & The City? When Carrie & the squad made a night out of cleaning and packing up her epic closet? Do that! Or you’re mama and kids will do for a fun alternative.

Donate or Sale your unwanted items.

One saves time, one makes some potential money but comes with some work. Staging, Pricing, Packaging & shipping etc.

Edit frequently

Do not wait for the New Year to come to get rid of that extra emotional baggage that clothes can bring you. When your feeling like you have nothing to wear it may be time to freshen up your wardrobe.

I do a closet clear out frequently and I post my items over on Poshmark! Head on over to check me out!


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