Simple Sundays

Simple Sunday


Happy Sunday!

Its been awhile since I’ve posted a round up of my likes! I’m excited to share some goodies I’ve been watching, reading and craving!

let’s get started!

Be aware that I have been redecorating my home so I have pinned a lot of Living room, Dining room and Kitchen inspiration.

1. There’s never a wrong time to eat frozen yogurt, right? I’m a fan of anything cherry flavored & THIS looks delicious.

2. Um cashew butter.. coffee. Need I say more? THIS one screams eat me!

3. I painted my kitchen English Channel Blue.. Inspiration HERE HERE HERE & HERE

4. I’ve never been to an adult dinner party, I don’t think I’ve had an adult friend throw one. These TIPS could be useful if I had one.

5. Who remembers the game Hot Potato? How fun would THIS be? Genius!

6. Huge fan of Amarachi Ukachu style! THIS yellow outfit is AMAZING!

7. American Horror Story is back.. opinion pending..

See you next Sunday. Thanks for reading. ☺️


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