Life Update| Where I’ve been.

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Hey Luvs!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on le’ blog. Life happened as it usually does, and I had to handle it. Because adulting is key & mandatory.School has started, I know a lot of parents can agree that the first day of school is like payday! It’s been a long hot summer in the City of Brotherly Love. So when it was time to start preparing for back to school I was ready. This year I have a 5th & 6th grader, more validation that I’m closer to old cat lady status than ever before.

Just Taja (my podcast) has been postponed until October because it is undertaking some rebranding and it was extremely hard to record with the kids home for the summer. I miss talking to you guys and spilling my guts about my life.

Speaking of life, I don’t have one. I’m still as single as a Pringle. Life has been subpar at best. I’ve been urging for some excitement, so to get my fix I’ve thrown myself into home renovations. Which I’m sure everyone does when they need a bit of excitement… no? Just me?



A lot of my free time is spent of Pinterest because who doesn’t get their home decor inspiration from Pinterest then you aren’t living life! Since I work from home and have a whole house to renovate, I’ve thrown myself into that. So far I’ve loved the progress my house has finally become a home that I am proud of. More to come on my home, health and so much more in upcoming post.


Thanks for Reading!


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