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As adults we are forced to pay bills. Oh, what fun it is to work 40+ hours to hand it off so that we can eat, wash up & take care of children. (Sarcasm) My goals for the last couple of years has been to be better about money and monitor where all of mines goes. This wasn’t taught to me as a child. My single mom struggled a lot when I was growing up, and as a result I learned to hustle at a young age to make sure I ate.

But, I’ve struggled as a single mom as well. When I got my first place I was TERRIBLE at paying bills. I was getting shut off notices and eviction notices left & right. I went through a program that took 70% of my paychecks and put it into savings every pay day. but since I lived there for 18 months without paying rent and bills when I got my own place I was totally lost. That was early twenty’s.

At 30, a homeowner and a single mom I’ve learn to be more diligent & aware of where my money is going. as well as how much I waste on bull crap every month. There’s a couple of  methods that I use to keep track of bills, money & my favorite way to get cash back. Of course, because sharing is caring I’m super excited to give you my secrets.


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Digit is a way to save money & give you accountability for your savings. Digit analyzes your spending and automatically moves money from your checking account to your Digit account when you can afford it. That’s it! You save money without realizing it. You don’t have to keep a minimum amount in Digit and you can withdraw your money anytime. I love this app because its easy to use and you can save into different accounts for different occasions. Right now I have a Rainy Day account and a Vacation account. Click HERE if  you’re interested in trying it out. Refer 5 friends earn $25!


Mint is a great app to monitor bills! Its simple and efficient. I’m guilty of forgetting about bills during the month because sometimes life can be overwhelming and sometimes there can so many that its easy to. All you have to do is select the bill from the category it falls under login with that bills online username and password. Once that’s done the app will remind you via notifications and email of when things are due, as well as past due. Mint also has a option for auto pay to make life super simple. To find out more click HERE.

American Express Serve

American Express Serve is a re loadable credit card. I like to keep money on this card because I like to pay certain bills with it because the cash back aspect is satisfactory. The card can be loaded multiple ways. From checking, in a CVS etc & paychecks can be direct deposited. Sometimes its just good to have a prepaid card with some money on it for emergencies. Interested click HERE.

If you aren’t into apps, writing it all down in a specific place is an old school and effective way to manage bills. HOW? My tips would be to gather all bills and put it on a calendar, write it in a planner, my favorite would be a bullet journal because that is my planning method of choice. Also, google or Siri notifications would be efficient.


I hope these tips get you inspired, how do you save and budget?






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