Mental| Practice some selfishness.

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selfcareIt’s ok sometimes to take some alone time. To ignore some phone calls, adult conversations & screaming children. At times you need to tune it all out. For you mental sanity.

Unfortunately, as Momma’s & Papas sometimes we can’t get away or sometimes can not afford to do the things we want.  Lucky for us, there are simple things that can be done to make us feel better. At times its just as easy as closing a door, putting your phone on do not disturb & watching a movie in peace. Then there are other ways to keep your mental sanity & self care.

1. Eat healthily and mindfully.

Too often we eat our meals while multitasking, or sometimes we are not in the mood to cook. So we order out or eat quick meals. This is denying ourselves the pure experience of nourishing meal. I know at times I am guilty of eating in my room or at my desk. Which can sometimes hinder my mood & the atmosphere of my household.

2. Keep track of your accomplishments.

While there are great merits to a “to-do” list, we must also recognize the things we’ve done. At the end of the day, make a list (either mental or write it out) of the productive things you’ve done that day. I’m a big believer in having a planner or bullet journal. It’s satisfying to check things off. Did you nurture a relationship? Do the laundry? Complete a work assignment? No matter how small, you deserve a pat on the back.

3. Express gratitude.

Just as it’s beneficial to keep track of what we’ve done, it’s also good to notice what we have. Keep a journal by your bed, and note the things that you feel lucky to have. Everything from clean sheets to a good friend is worth noting. This can be done in the notes section of your phone as well.

4. Gift your inner child.

What were some of your favorite things when you were little? Did you love sidewalk chalk, picking wildflowers, or eating marshmallows? Treat your inner child to a little present and allow the warm feelings to wash over you. I bought a bike!

5. Create a cozy space.

Does your bedroom look they way you want it to? If it doesn’t, maybe add some candles or fun throw pillows. I am constantly removing things and cluttering it definitely helps makes the space better. By building a space that feels warm and inviting, you establish an inviting retreat for when tough times arise.

6. Read a book.

Finding a book you love is a great way to feel happy. It feels wonderful to look forward to a good story, and the act of reading helps encourage a sense of peace. It’s also a great way to mentally escape and dream.

7. Move.

I can testify that getting active is definitely a mood changer. This doesn’t mean you need to hit the gym. Rather find a form of physical activity that works for you. Go dancing with your friends, enjoy a Saturday morning hike, or go on a bike ride. Again, I ride a bike.

8. Unplug.

Instagram and Facebook have some benefits, but does it really make you feel better to expose yourself to everyone’s online versions of themselves? Most often people only report on their success, and  when you’re comparing your entire life to everyone’s highlight reels. It can take the time to break away from social media, and allow yourself to focus on the beauty of the moment.

9. Create something.

Whether it’s a batch of brownies or a pastel drawing, getting artistic allows us to feel mindful and productive. I bought some water colors and paint when I feel overwhelmed.

10. Build a self-care kit.

Fill a pretty basket with some of the things that make you feel special. It could be nail polish, gummy frogs, coconut lotion, treasured photos, or a new pair of socks. Place your pick-me-ups in a pretty basket, and keep it in your bedroom or bathroom for when you need an extra dose of love.


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