The Unicorn Mom.

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Unicorn Mom|  A mother who’s not perfect, enjoys alcohol, has a sense of
humor & a kids punching bag and comforter. Also couldn’t care less what you think about her parenting skills.

Also see:  Beautiful; Boss; Bitch & Zero F&$ks given

Parenting has been kicking my ass lately. I’ve heard I hate you more times than I would like to admit. It’s been a bunch of slammed doors and some tears on both my side and there’s. Motherhood is definitely hard. We get used as punching bags for our children when they are upset. Then through as the hurtful words we are still expected to love & and nurture like nothing happened or was ever said. We are meant to be strong.

Are we allowed to runaway? Personally, It hurts my feelings because I was a teen when I had my kids, I was also homeless for some of it. I sacrificed a lot to make sure that they didn’t grow up the way that I did and I try to be positive for them. But sometimes I breakdown because I’m human. And it hurts. Kids can be evil, little gremlins of emotions and 90% of the time Mama is the target.

We take that ish. Wait until they go to sleep pour a glass of wine, cry a little more than in the morning make pancakes. Mama’s are the strongest. If nobody says it to you, I will because I find myself reminding myself daily. You got this.

We are truly the mythical creature named the unicorn because we are like no other. And the horn is mashup of all the hats we wear on a regular basis.


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