Doin’ what you want.

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peaceSadly, at 30 I’m just now realizing that I am in full control of my my life & can do whatever the H**l I want. I am charge!

I’ve been thinking about everything that has shaped me to who I’m today. All the struggle, heartbreak, and sacrifice. That I’ve received and caused.  At 29, I have come to terms with ME. I’m not perfect, it took me years to admit my wrong doings man is that a tough pill to swallow. Everything is frowned upon now days, judgment has replaced genuine support. I think that’s why it so hard for people to live their lives. Cell phones have becomes microscopes. Nothing is ever good enough in this world.

So how do you live a life for your true self. Ya’ JUST DO IT like Nike. whether it’s becoming a blogger, stripper, or artist. The world is yours. We spend too much time wondering if something is the right move that we get stuck in bad relationships, at a miserable job, with friends we really don’t like and become content. We settle for bad sex and put it on the back burner because everything else looks good in the relationship. we’re scared to let go of things that we dislike about ourselves and our situations because of a fear of starting over.

Me included.

For years I told friends and family I wanted a bike. And everyone pretty much thought I was crazy. No one understood why a grown women would want to be seen on a bicycle. So I never got it, the judgement was to much and I convinced myself that it was the dumbest thing I could’ve ever done. Until I got one. I got the bike of my dreams this year and have been riding it ever since. It’s one of the best decisions I could’ve ever made. I try to ride it daily and it relieves my stress and anxiety and when people see it they think Its the coolest thing ever.  And it makes me feel amazing. My advice is if it makes you happy get it and display it proudly.

How many of us do this. Have hopes in dreams that are at a standstill because of fear? Do we no believe in ourselves? This is where self awareness comes into play. You know you’re smart, creative and a bad ass. Get to crushing those dreams and making them reality.


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