Another Mother’s Day.

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I must admit that this Mother’s Day I was extremely drained. I couldn’t  justify celebrating because I’ve been so stressed as a parent that I was ready to pack my bags and give up. Things just have been very hard. And I know that life isn’t simple and that tough times make you stronger but the weight can sometimes be unbearable as a single parent.

Since being a parent for the last 11 years I have a few favorite Mother’s day celebrations. And I want to give one piece of advice to those feeling Mother’s Day overload. It’s OK to spend it alone. When everyone wants to celebrate you on this one day remember that you are appreciated daily. Also, that designating one day to yourself on the National Day of celebrating Mommies is totally fine!


My top 3 favorite things to do on Mother’s Day are usually when they’ve gone away for the weekend.

Netflix and Chill (alone)

Make myself dinner & desert. I usually go gourmet. Something I wouldn’t be able to make with the kids home. I love going spicy!

Pamper Day. I walk around in a robe, face mask & do my mani, pedi without any interruptions.

old school family picture

I am fully aware that some parents are not fortunate to get a weekend break from their children and that’s ok! All these things can still be done, with them included.



I hope you enjoyed your Mother’s Day!


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