Simple Sunday.

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Happy Sunday!

I’ve been enjoying so much lately. Stress has taken over and I’ve found some relief in movies and articles.. oh and food can’t forget that!

I’ve been trying to finish this book by the infamous Terry McMillan titled I Almost Forgot About You.  So far its a great story.

My current Netflix binges have been The Let Down, this is for the new Mommies the feelings are mutual. The OA, if your into Sci Fi you’d think this one is good. Kodachrome is heartfelt and relate able. if you have Daddy issues. And I’m Not An Easy Man, the roles between Men & Woman change and its hilarious.

My obsession with van life has been real, this week I’ve been binge watching Susi Cruz.

I died laughing at this video with Kevin Hart & Khloe Kardashian #goatyoga

Interested in starting a podcast? I found this article interesting.

As a single mom and a home owner I am aware that home safety against burglary is essential.

How good does this stuff look! Black Bean Tacos, Meatballs & Brownies


I hope you have an amazing week!



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