Simple Sunday

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Happy Sunday People!

Spring has shown her beautiful self & went back into hiding quickly. She was beautiful and I got to clean out my backyard which looked like a tornado hit it. While I’ve been working Netflix has been keeping me company as usual. Recent favorites have been Charmed, which I started at season 5 I like Paige more than I liked Prue. Requiem definitely didn’t understand anything that was going on, but I watched it (the whole series) I’m still confused. And Granite Flats, I love shows based in different eras and this one was good it gave me early 60’s fashion, lingo & mystery .

As a child that grew up in Public housing, aka the projects I found this article interesting regarding “Financed Ghettos“.

This video definitely took me back to the days of ballies, hot combs & Just for Me perms! Shout out to As/Is for throwing it all the way back to 90’s hair products and making me laugh with the reactions.

Vegan Voices of Color—shed light on the importance of internationalization within social justice movements. In this article on

Yummy Vegan Fast food! Fries need I say more?



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