Sixthreezero Bike [Review]

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I’ve been talking about getting a bike for years. I kept adding different bikes in my cart but never checked out. I went through a spout of depression and my therapist, mother and I thought it was time for me to buy what I wanted. A gift to myself. I checked everywhere Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target etc. I had a check list of the things it needed to have.

  • It needed to be girly
  • Have room for a basket
  • Be a beach cruiser

I wanted the most obnoxious girly bike I could find. I don’t care if I’m almost thirty. My thoughts are if you’re gonna ride around your City and explore do it in style and have fun. Plus, I didn’t want to take bike riding so seriously. The whole plan was to relax and live.

I finally decided on a bike!


She’s from sixthreezero. And she was perfect! I even bought a basket. Both items were from Amazon.

The items shipped on time which was great. Everything was packaged neatly and it even came with majority of the tools for assembly. I started trying to assemble the bike. The directions were simple. The bike came in about 5 pieces and all the hard stuff was already done. When I went to attach the front wheel to the bikes fork, I couldn’t. I started to YouTube assembly videos to make sure I was doing it right. I was but they just wouldn’t connect. I called customer service. They were very helpful, I took a picture and they told me that my front fork was bent and that they would send me a replacement great I was satisfied. I tweeted out how sad I was and they even reached out to me on Twitter. Which I thought was professional.

Then I tried to leave a review. Because there was a flyer in the box stating leave a 5 star review get a free bell. Also, because I was genuinely impressed by the company. The comment had to be approved.



My review didn’t meet their guidelines which I thought was weird. Because isn’t a review someones opinion? My replacement Fork came in the mail that day and I sat down to continue to build the bike.


Complete disappointment. Overall, I am still happy with my purchase as a whole. There are definitely things that I would have loved to have went differently, but ya know.. life.

I finally received a new fork (in the right color). But still cant get the bike together by myself, which is frustrating. Hopefully things will look up for me and this bike because I definitely love it.


Customer Service: *****

Shipping: ****

Price: *****

Overall Experience: ***





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