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My stink. I not sure you still want me calling you that because your “older” now. But you’ll always be my baby. When you came into this world things were hard for me. I was young and so were you.

When we got our first house you were 2. And although you weren’t old enough to do much you were the man of our house. You still are. You’re at that age in which you constantly test my patience. I know you’re an amazing kid. Your heart is so big and the love you have for others is amazing. I wish I had your people skills. The joy you have every morning and the over all energy you spread can make a whole room light up.

We have a special bound. A love that can’t be broken. You have a greatness in you that I wish I had when I was your age.

One piece of advice for you.

Relax, your sister and I love you to the moon and back. And we always will.

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