A Mommyhood Rant| They’re driving me crazy.

stressed mom

My children are getting older. I thought it was me but its definitely them. I remember when my kids were younger they were angels. I didn’t have to speak more than once, when giving them direction. Now that they will be 10 & 11 this year man are they giving me hell. The emotions floating around my house always equal up to a war zone. The slightest things set off an argument, a couple of days ago it was over eggs. We had 3 left and they just couldn’t work it out while I stayed  in my bed. I ended you being a referee and splitting the eggs between them.

If this is a preview of what the road to puberty, I’m packing my bags now! It’s a whirlwind of slamming doors, screaming and soooo much ripped up paper! I must admit that as a single mom there are times where I definitely want to give up. More times than I would honestly like to admit. That’s fine I know multiple mamas that feel the same way. We’re human.

As far as the frustration with them, I seek advice from family on numerous occasions. I ended up coming to the conclusion that its better to handle it my way, because I know them best.

Siblings fight. I know that. It’s not something I’ve experienced because I’m an only child. Maybe it’s worse because I have a almost preteen and a boy that feels surrounded and outnumbered. Sometimes I just close my door, meditate and let them be. One compares oneself to the other like were in the Brady Bunch “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.” Does it end or should I runaway now.

xoxo, Taja.



2 comments on “A Mommyhood Rant| They’re driving me crazy.

  1. I know exactly how you feel! I’ve got 3 boys and they drive me insane! The things they fight over are so petty it’s ridiculous. I’m hoping they’ll grow out of it…quickly! X

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    • Yes! I just sit there confused, like you guys can not be serious. If this is the road we’re headed down on their 18th Birthday’s bags will be packed at the door. Lol

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