Raising Plant Based Kids.

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plant based kids.jpg

When I decided to eat plant based, I sat the kids down and explained what and why I wanted to do. I also told them that I wasn’t forcing them to do what I was doing and that if they wanted to try it I would included them in the process. II try not to force anything on them and because this was food and health related I made sure to keep the lines of communication open between us.


Mikiyah has always been on board. She enjoys eating like me when I eat healthy. She is excited to try new recipes and get creative with her lunches. Her first week was interesting for her. And although she admitted to slipping up she was OK with the fact that she had tried and  wasn’t judged. I started to figure out what she liked in her lunches and what she didn’t and it was all solved by a trip to the grocery store. We spent some nights on YouTube getting ideas for fun lunches and googling vegan snacks. She’s definitely interested in the lifestyle change. I can give her new foods and she will at least give it a try.

vegan kids


Michael is my more reluctant child. I can barely get him to eat regular food nutritious foods. I definitely wasn’t going to demand changes to his already fragile diet. He did say he was interested in incorporating some plant based meals into his life. Its not going well which I must admit isn’t surprising because I know my child. Whay bothers me is the potential waste of food.

My solution has been to give him verbal options. So I’m constantly asking what he wants. For both kids I still keep their favorites in the house to keep them comfortable. If they ask I give, because when they’re ready either way I’ll respect it! Plant based or not!



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