Sunday Reading.

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Happy Sunday! I hope your week was/will be productive! Here’s a weekly round  up of all the things I’ve been loving.

This video comedian Lil Duvall posted made my week!

I’ve been learning about business and marketing, next up will be hopefully Spanish! Skillshare is great if you want to learn something new! For the next 2 months the’re offering a premium membership for .99 cents. HERE‘S my discount.

This song by Mali Music & Jazmine Sullivan called Loved By You.

Also, this one by Stormzy featuring Kelani and Lily Allen, Cigarettes & Cush.

I stayed home during the Eagles parade, but its interesting to see how many people actually participated. WAAAYYY too many people for my liking.

As usual I’ve been binge watching Netflix, because Netflix is bae. And lets face it I don’t have a life! Favorites have been Haven, Hemlock Grove as well as Young & Hungry.

Have an amazing week! And if you have anything I should be reading, watching or listening to let me know!

XO, Taja.


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