[Vegan Friendly] Black Eyed Peas.

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A 1-cup serving of cooked peas contains about 33.5 grams of carbs, just over 5 grams of protein and less than 1 gram of fat. The macronutrients also compose the caloric content of foods. One cup of black eyed peas contains 130 calories. The carbs that come from the peas are complex.

I’ve never been big on beans, I use to fall asleep at the dinner table to avoid eating them. Growing up in the south, black eyed peas were a staple in my house. But I knew that with my new diet I  needed to start incorporating them more. I was so used to them being cooked with a piece of meat in the pot, this was the way I was taught to do it because it added flavor. I searched Pinterest for vegan Black eyed peas for like 2 days!

I found a couple recipes, but they weren’t exactly what I wanted. not soupy enough if that makes sense. But HERE, HERE & HERE are some good ones! I decided to go with my own recipe. I thought it was best to keep it simple and throw it in the crock pot, while I ran errands.

 |Things you’ll need|

1 lb Black Eyed Peas

32 oz of Vegetable Broth

2 packets of Goya Salad & Vegetable Seasoning

Parsley Flakes

Seasoning Salt

Mrs Dash Table Blend

Garlic Pepper

1 Whole Chopped Onion

Fresh Spinach

1 1/2 to 2 Cups of Water

Crushed Red Pepper Flakes (optional)

Let your beans soak for  24 hours in a bowl of water at least two inches higher than the beans. The cooking instructions are super simple! Add everything into a crock pot except the spinach. Let it cook for 6 hours on high, once the beans are done add in as much spinach as you like. I did about 3 handfuls because I love spinach. These beans would be great over brown rice with a little hot sauce.

*I am the only plant based eater in my house and I made a pound of beans that I wasn’t gonna eat in a week. I ended up putting a container in the fridge for the week and two individually wrapped containers in the freezer. This way I can easily grab and defrost when I want it!


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