Relieving Stress.

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I know life can be complicated. The rough patches can feel like they will never end. Everybody has the power to reduce the impact of stress as it’s happening and stay in control when the pressure builds. Like any skill, learning how to squash stress in the moment takes time, experimentation, and practice, but the payoff is huge.

1. Make a list of the things that are stressing you out (either write it down or just think about them, the note section in your phone works too).

2. Differentiate between things you can change (e.g. grades) and the things you can’t change (overall situation, environment).

3. Treat yourself to something. It can be a movie night, a bag you always wanted or just some sleep.

4. Sleep! Literally just sleep don’t think about stuff and stay awake for another three hours!

5. Keep your diet balanced. You don’t have to make yourself a big dish. It can be something simple but try to eat as healthy as possible.

6. Talk to your friends or family. If that’s not possible you have always the internet you can vent to.

7. Take your time to do all necessary work step by step.

8. Stay always positive. I know it’s sometimes pretty difficult, but it’s the only way to stay sane.

9. Listen to music with great messages (about life, people, confidence, work, etc.)

10. Believe it or not, but everything is at one point over. Life goes on. Problems don’t stay the same. The same goes for bad situations and people.

11. Meditate.

It gets better. I promise.


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