Sunday Reading.

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Happy Sunday!

Its been an amazing week! The Philadelphia Eagles won! Go Philly! WOOT WOOT! I had some amazing food, and watched some great movies and shows.

I’ve been obsessed with Ann Wynn’s Instagram her work ethic, style and FOOD pics are top notched.

Roasted Potatoes wedges… Need I say more? We use a seasoning packet here is the one we love.

I’ve been binge watching movies in my free time. this week it was Mr. Church and The Shack, both were amazing!

I also LOVED Mildred Pierce

In the mist of The Philadelphia Eagles winning I thought this article was interesting. (disclaimer this is not my opinion).

Speaking of Philly, Will Smith on Instagram is making my year he’s so funny!

I’ve been interested in becoming Vegan for about a year now. I found things like this & this to be helpful.

xo, Taja


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