Dating @ 29.

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I’ve been single for about 3 years now. I’ve been dating the same man for about 3 months.

This is new to me. Surprising, right? We met on Tinder. We’ve done more in this short amount of time than I’ve ever done with any of the long-term relationships I’ve been in. We’ve done plays, bowling, live shows etc. It’s all been amazing.

But I’m damaged as hell.

Ok.. Let me explain….

I will be honest and say that I have no clue as to what my type is. But, I also think that Physical attraction is super important. I’ve been celibate a year in April. And I don’t want to change that unless there are butterflies and sparks. My past has been to react like a pure savage. Hit it and quit it, or to not have any feelings. This time I want it to be different. I weeded out all the men that didn’t want anything but physical benefits. This guy didn’t give me that vibe, which was an eye opener a mental break from my normal. Like wow this is a great feeling, a happy feeling. To feel beautiful and wanted as well as spoiled. We don’t have much in common though.  Is there a way that can I find a balance of both? Physical Attraction and Mental?

dating 2

I am ashamed to say that almost at 30 I’m not sure what or whom I’m attracted to. How do you tell if you really like someone? Is it a gut feeling or does God tap you on the shoulder and say “that’s for you, love that man.”  I tell my girlfriends that I’m ready to just adopt a bunch of cats and call it a day. Because contrary to popular belief I am happy being alone (90% of the time).

I find something wrong with everyone I talk to. I’m starting to think that its me. But what do you settle for and what is the oh hell no point. Dating is exhausting, mainly because it takes a lot of energy and emotions. those can be positive or negative depending on you or the person.


What are your thoughts on dating? Any tips for me?




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