How we survive Snow Days.

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snow days.png

We’ve been snowed in.

Winter vacation ended & they’re still here. Usually I’d be at work but I’ve also been blessed to have 2 rare days off on the days they’re supposed to be somewhere learning. If you’re a parent then you know snow days are extra boring days for children. After an hour in the snow, its over they’re done. This is when they require extra entertainment.

*All these things can be done with an amazing playlist in the background. 

Here’s a couple things we do to get through the day.

Group Breakfast Making.

Have one make the eggs and another mix the pancakes. Eat together and then do the dishes, having one wash and the other dry.

Netflix & Chill.

This is one of our favorite things to do. Snow day or not. We grab blankets and spread out on our couches or in my bed and take turns picking family classics. This could kill hours of time.

Individual Alone Time.

This is key. Too much time together in a contained space can make you not like each other. Siblings can begin to come at each others neck. The best thing to do is schedule alone time. Everyone in a designated space doing their own thing.

Snow Play.

Not my thing, but my kids love playing in the snow.

Board Games.

Our favorites are Monopoly and cards. But the options are endless.

Teach A Skill.

We’re currently doing sewing. But there’s a lot of other life skills to teach kids. Ironing, organizing, dusting etc.

I hope these were helpful to you and if you have any recommendations to new ones I could try leave a comment below.


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