Goals & Other thangs.

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I think at 29 I’m a little old for New Year resolutions. This is a personal opinion, because I know myself. This year I decided that there were goals that I needed to set to reach my dreams. These goals are directed towards self development, financial security as well as mental and physical health.

  1. Meditate more.

As an adult I crave a spiritual outlet. I have found meditation to be just what I needed. Its a great way to calm your thoughts and wake up a positive mentality.

 2. Save more. Goal is $100 a month in savings.

I have never been the best with money like with others it just seems to always be something that comes up where you need to deplete your savings. I want to not touch it and let it grow interest.

 3. Try whole 30 or 30 days Vegan.

For the past 2 years I have been obsessed with vegan cuisine. This year will be the year that I try it.

   4. Earn a certificate or take a class.

Thinking about picking up a hobby. Maybe painting.

    5. Go to all my doctors appointments.

I’m terrible at keeping appointments, I need to get better.  Health is wealth and I need my bag.

   6. Learn to balance my off time better.

I have this mentally that my days off are for catching up on sleep. And that is what I do. It’s a terrible habit to have, I want to be able to spend time with my kids and relax not sleep. yes there’s a difference.

   7. Track a daily diet.

Apps like My Fitness Pal & Fit Men Cook are my favorites!

 8. Communicate better.

I’m terrible at communicating. I can cut a person off and never talk to them again. Which is a bad habit to have. I want to do better.

  9. Plan & stick to a monthly budget.

I want to learn to track how my money is spent, see where its going and what expenses could be cut.

 10. Read more. 

Less screen time, More pages.




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