Simple Sunday.

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Happy Sunday!

Last week was a rough one for me, I had a lot of weight on my shoulders and heartache.  But I also was surround by a lot of love and strength. so in some cases the good outweighed the bad. Here’s some of the things I’ve been enjoying for the week.

If you have sleeping issues like me.

I cried (a little frustrated) this week but this video brought me a lot of joy.

If you like mashed potato battles.

I’m not a religious person but I thought this was interesting. It’s about December 25th.

All about Employees loyalty to companies in 2017.

Local News Story.

Clearly, I’m into potatoes this week.

I’m probably late but i’m loving the TV show Mom. It’s super relate able.

I’ve been addicted to watching this as well.

Went to this movies to see THIS. Thought it was amazing!

Because.. Party punch.

XOXO, Taja


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