Kids| What’s in Kiyah’s Bag.

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One of my favorite hobbies has got to be sewing. I actually use to have a successful business a couple years back doing alterations for small business’s. I loved being my own boss but soon went back to work, because rent is expensive. Recently I’ve gotten back into it, making bags to be exact. I started with mini bags out of denim. The first bag I made was for my daughter, Mikiyah. We added pins from Five and Below and a handmade pom pom for extra cuteness. I’m super nosey, and watch tons of What’s in my bag video’s on Youtube. I don’t know why its so interesting but it is. I decided to ask Kiyah what was in hers. I found it so entertaining when she dumped it out on the floor.



Barbie Tissue Pack

Beauty Supply Store Clear Lipgloss

House Keys

Hand Sanitizer

Hot Pink Dry Erase Marker


Phone Stand

Monster High Mini named Clawdine


I must admit that I feel super old with a ten year old that carries a bag. I know that in the next few years that this bag will get heavier and the things that will be inside will become a lot more interesting. I hope you enjoyed seeing what she carried as much as I did.

xoxo Taja


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