Mama Meditates| Why.

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Meditation is a practice where an individual operates or trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself. Definition from Wikipedia


I’ve always been a tense person, I stress so much that I make myself sick at times. I’m pretty sure most of it comes from being an only child, being a 90’s latch key kid and spending a lot of time by myself in my head. As an adult trying to find peace and serenity its hard. I started to feel a ton of pressure in my heart and mind. I formed a type of barrier that was only affecting my mental health. My mental state has always been up for debate. I’m definitely a strong introvert, look it up you’ll probably see my face. I don’t express myself well, I tend to be very bottled up.

While talking to one of my amazing friends in our daily chats,  I realized that I kept saying something was missing. I was unsure whether it was mental, spiritual or just general loneliness. Weeks went past and I eventually realized that I needed a spiritual outlet. The first response I got when I said something was wrong, was go to church that I needed to pray.  I respect religion, I was just 90% sure that it wasn’t for me.  And it wasn’t what I needed.

Meditation. Was it! 

The benefits are amazing, my connections are to the reliefs of my stress and anxiety.  I am searching for a clear head, so I’m trying to add it to my night routine to help with my terrible insomnia. Research shows that it helps with a better sleep. In this series I will share my growth. Along with my favorite podcasts, routines, affirmations and the meditation gurus that I stalk on Instagram.

xoxo Taja


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