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I’ve let out a huge sigh of relief as these words come out & pop onto this screen. I started blogging back in 2014. I remember the late nights early mornings of setting up the blog, I loved it! I  learned so much, and met so many amazing soul touching individuals. I was shy when I first started blogging. Networking was a nightmare, i would die if I had to actually talk to someone at an event. I eventually got over that and made some lifelong friends.

After 3 years of numerous blog names, niche’s and online identity crisis’s. I saw the success of others and thought that’s where I need to be. By doing what they did.  I decided to stop. I got a job and couldn’t give my undivided attention to my blog. Which hurt because everyday that I didn’t blog I missed the hell out of blogging. When I began blogging I was in a serious relationship. My children were in a two parent home and we seemed to be happy, this time things are different. I’m single again. Dating and launching a business (or two). I want to include you in this journey and help along the way.

What to expect

This should be an amazing journey. I plan on sharing the up’s and down’s of my business, mommy-hood, my dating tips for single moms’s as well as tips for those in their late 20’s. For those looking for easy recipes expect that, and for the parents that seek reassurance on their parenting skills, we can encourage and help each other! I promise to be as honest and open as I can. And if you need a little privacy  regarding an issue feel free to shoot me a email or hit me up on social media.




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