My non existent dating life in 2016.

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Of course dating when in a relationship is super easy, why wouldn’t it be. You know the person, there’s an idea of likes and dislike. Depending on how long you’ve known each other determines how much you know about one another. Its a great feeling.

I’ve been single for a year now and dating has been pretty scarce. Not sure what my type is… what it is that I want in a man. Friendly advice from every direction would say date as many men as possible until I figure out what my type is. But that gets boring, and complicated. And the reality is that men don’t date from my current experiences. I’m not the type to claim that all men are the same, because they definitely aren’t.

But I must admit I’m a little tired of the repetitiveness. While in a relationship I heard the horrors of dating. The never ending stories of Netflix and chills, or late night visits to their houses. That’s not dating. Everyone is complaining, no ones putting the effort into whining and dining each other anymore. Is it a fear of being genuine? Or is it the fact that finding love is not a priority in a society that bases popularity off of the bad bitches and social media personas. Then to the “independent” female & single moms, you have to take into question if the person is around for the right reasons. Some are just in search for their next come up.

I think with dating there’s a fear or a wall that automatically raises when someone gets close. Heartache is a bitch. The feeling of being played is even worse. Loneliness means vulnerability, it sometimes sends off a signal to people with bad intentions.

Should I stay hopeful? I’ve had my time wasted, cried on birthday weekends, been stood up and most of all fed up. But love is an amazing thing, right? It makes u glow, smile and catch those amazing butterflies in the pit of your stomach. That’s the ultimate goal when you date someone. Can you get that feeling swiping on Tinder or spending $40 a month on Eharmony?

Like I said its only been a year maybe I should give it more time. Lately my ultimate goal is to not fall in love again but to just enjoy life and the company of someone interesting. Am I looking for a relationship? Not really, if it happens I would try my hardest not to fight I know I could be difficult. I have become a firm believer in not rushing into anything. It doesn’t end well, I know that from experience.


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